The Jewel of
the Yellowhead

Set amidst the pristine landscape of the Upper North Thompson Valley, Blue River is surrounded by lush interior rainforests of cedar and spruce, sparkling glacier fed lakes, and majestic mountain peaks. Wildlife seekers, outdoor enthusiasts and adrenaline chasers alike will find something to appease their drive to experience nature in its abundancy.

Whether you make it your destination or a stop-over en route between Vancouver and Edmonton, leave plenty of space in your agenda – there’s more do to in Blue River than you might see at first glance. Get off the highway and you will understand.

North Thompson Valley Guide

Guided Tours Make Wilderness Accessible

The rugged and raw Monashee and Cariboo mountains surrounding Blue River just invite exploration, summer and winter. Even if you do not have a lot of outdoor experience, guided excursions make our wilderness habitat accessible to most. For seasoned outdoor explorers, outfitters provide the local knowledge you need when backcountry hiking, skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling through our vast and dramatic mountain playground.

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