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Make your mark. Break your own trail. Clip into your skis or snowboard and slide through dry, waist-deep powder as you experience the quiet solitude of high alpine skiing.

Ski Exceptional Powder and Endless Terrain

When moist, warm coastal air collides with the cold, dry northern climate of Blue River, it creates exceptional conditions for dry, powder snow, up to 10 m (32 ft) of the white stuff each year. Add two mountain ranges and 1.2 million acres of pristine wilderness – you’ve got ski conditions you cannot find anywhere else in the BC, making Blue River an internationally renowned destination for adventurous backcountry skiing.

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Cross-Country Skiing

Blue River may be famous for heli and backcountry skiing, but you need not be an adrenaline-junky to ski here. Breathe in crisp alpine air, gliding along a shimmering trail in winter sunshine. Click into your bindings, and head to Herb Bilton Way Park where set track trails provide plenty of cold weather exercise to keep you warm all winter. Or, spend your days exploring unmarked wilderness trails – locals can tip you off to a trail that’s just right for you.

Note: Blue River does not have a local ski rental outfitter. Please discuss rental needs with the listed touring companies above or bring your own equipment to utilize in the backcountry. Blue River is located in avalanche country. Check for local and regional avalanche risk bulletins to get prepared before heading out.

Cross-Country Ski Trail Map

Pedestrian Bridge

When winter blankets Blue River, the new pedestrian bridge becomes a magical portal to snowy wonderland adventures. You can lace up your cross-country skis, strap on your snowshoes, or simply bundle up for a brisk walk with your furry friend. As you cross the bridge, the crisp air and snow-covered landscape create a serene and enchanting atmosphere. The bridge, adorned with a fresh layer of powder, offers a spectacular view of the glistening river below, making it the perfect spot for winter outdoor enthusiasts to savour the beauty of the season. Whether you're seeking exhilarating sports or a peaceful stroll, the bridge in Blue River, BC, is a winter paradise waiting to be explored.