Explore the Heart of our Watery Wilds

Angle for adventure. Drop your line in our lakes and rivers where both fishing and wildlife are the star of the show. Paddle a canoe through Murtle Lake’s raw, rugged wilderness, fishing for Kokanees and legendary sized Rainbow trout. Take a seat on a River Safari photographing black bears and moose roaming the marshy banks of Mud Lake. Spread your beach towel at Eleanor Lake’s broad, sandy beach and soak up some sun on a hot summer afternoon. Angle the Blue, Mud, and North Thompson Rivers where something’s sure to bite. Jet boat touring, canoeing, kayaking, or fishing from their shores, our rivers and lakes take you through the heart of our watery wilds.

Mud Lake - Where Wild is Wild - River Safari Eco Tour

Skim the jade-coloured surface of the Mud River, through the heart of bear country, aboard a high-powered jet boat on an eco-tour of discovery, searching for resident black bear, moose, eagles and osprey. Feel goose bumps blanket your arms when you first sight a mighty bruin. Hold your breath watching it lumber the shoreline mere metres away, feeding on grasses and berries. Scramble to capture as many shots as you can before it retreats to the forest. Marvel at moose from the safety and seat of your tour boat. Explore the blueberry lined trail leading to Parberry Falls, feeling its spray as it cascades through the temperate inland rainforest.

Up-close wildlife encounters are well within your reach, just minutes from Blue River. Embark on a River Safari wilderness jet-boating tour, scouting out adventures that will leave you spellbound, breathless and hungry for more. Relax and enjoy the ride, drifting in the current of Mud Lake, watching carefully for your own wildlife encounter. One-hour tours run every half-hour daily throughout the summer, providing endless opportunities to experience wildlife in the wild from the safety and comfort of a guided jet boat.

Paddle Murtle Lake – A Pristine Wilderness Adventure

Paddle true north, exploring Murtle Lake the only way you can – by canoe. Experience true quiet, where the only sounds you’ll hear are the ones Mother Nature creates…the call of a loon, splashing trout, and the wind blowing through the trees. Murtle Lake, with 100-km of rugged forested and sandy shores is your put-in point for backcountry adventures and legendary Rainbow trout fishing.

Bounded by ancient lava beds, Murtle Lake, is at the northern end of Wells Gray Provincial Park, and is the largest lake in North America that does not allow motorized watercraft. Camping or paddling along its rugged shores is a blissfully quiet experience. Drink it all in. Whether you set your compass north or west, there’s plenty of wilderness, peace, and quiet for everyone here.

Make Summer Memories at Eleanor Lake

Disconnect for the day, soaking up the sun at Eleanor Lake. Go for a stroll on the beachside trail. Spread a blanket and catch up on the latest beach book. Work on your tan. Unplug. Picnic. Paddle a canoe. Teach your kids how to fish. Beat the heat with a cool dip in the water. Bury your toes in the sand and remember how easy it is to make warm summer memories when you make the time.

Eleanor Lake is not only in the heart of Blue River; it is the heart of Blue River. It’s where we gather on hot, summer days, to cool off in the water, or just to chill out. Completely outfitted with bathrooms, a shower, and summer lifeguard, it’s where families can enjoy playtime together for a morning, afternoon, or just a welcome break from a day on the highway.

River and Lakeside Fishing Adventures

Find your favourite spot, unpack your tackle and set your reel flying. Listen to the sweet sound of it zipping through the air. Feel it land, just where you cast it, then settle back and wait for your first nibble.

Locals always seem to know the best spots to fish and that holds true in Blue River. Quiet creeks, hidden rivers, and unmarked lakes offer secret fishing holes swimming with Kokanee salmon, Dolly Varden, lake and Rainbow trout. Ask any of the locals for their favourite spot, they’re bound to tell you about Angus Horn, Mystery Lake, Blue, and Twin Lakes, and Finn Creek, but there are always more places you can dangle a line.

Drag a spinner as you paddle, or drop your line fishing the creeks feeding Murtle Lake for legendary sized Rainbow trout that often tip the scales at 7 to 10 lbs. Murtle Lake isn’t the only spot to hook trout. Try angling the North Thompson River, Mud Lake, and Blue River. Fish from beneath the bridge at Bone Creek; it’s a local favourite and one of the best spots to catch fish.

When to Go

  • River Safari offers jet-boat wildlife excursions from mid-May to October 1st
  • Murtle Lake is officially open mid-May to the end of September
  • Eleanor Lake is manned by a lifeguard July and August

Need to Know

  • One hour River Safari jet-boat wildlife excursions depart every half-hour from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily
  • You can rent kayaks, canoes from Murtle Lake Canoes
  • Gear carts are available at the Murtle Lake parking lot to help in your portage to the put-in site
  • Canoes for all lakes and wheels for Murtle Lake can be rented through Blue River Campground
  • Rent complete fishing gear from Blue River Campground
  • Fresh-water fishing is regulated in BC and fishing licenses (Plan) are required

Top 5 Wild Watery Adventures

  1. Explore Bear, moose, eagle and osprey habitat from the seat of a guided River Safari (http://riversafari.com/WP/)
  2. Canoe/kayak and camp on Murtle Lake (Play/Murtle Lake), the largest lake in North America to prohibit motorized watercraft
  3. Work on your tan, enjoy a picnic or a pleasure paddle, canoeing Eleanor Lake, the heart of Blue River
  4. Angle for Rainbow and lake trout, Kokanee, and Dolly Varden – fly fishing or trolling our rivers and lakes
  5. Put in at the Mud Lake Forestry site to paddle the Mud Lake Delta (http://www.env.gov.bc.ca/bcparks/explore/parkpgs/mud_lk) and explore Parberry Falls,