Guided Expeditions

The rugged and raw Monashee and Cariboo mountains surrounding Blue River just invite exploration, summer and winter. Even if you don’t have a lot of outdoor experience, guided excursions make our wilderness habitat accessible to most. For seasoned outdoor explorers, outfitters provide the local knowledge you need when backcountry hiking, skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling through our vast and dramatic mountain playground.

There are plenty of ways to experience the thrill of exploring off the grid - jet-boat or jeep tour through Blue River’s bear country, one of the richest bear habitats in the North Thompson Valley. Hike alpine meadows with a guide leading the way to hidden lakes, wildflower meadows and a secluded mountainside chalet. Carve fresh tracks in waist-deep powder, heli- and CAT skiing backcountry peaks. Discover the exhilaration of snowmobile touring through a pristine winter wilderness. No matter how you choose to tour around Blue River, your first trip won’t be your last – it’ll just motivate you to come back again and again.

Mike Wiegele Heli & CAT Skiing

Epic. If ever there was one word to describe heli- and CAT-skiing in waist-deep powder in the Monashee and Cariboo Mountains surrounding Blue River, the word is epic. First to pioneer the heli-skiing industry, Mike Wiegele chose Blue River as his staging ground for backcountry ski touring because, simply put, there is no better snow in the world.

Days begin before sunrise and end when you’ve had your fill of champagne powder. In between, soar in a Bell 212 helicopter over the Monashee and Cariboo Mountains, anticipating what you’re about to experience – skiing and snowboarding 4,500 sq km (2,800 sq mi) of virgin terrain with unlimited vertical lift, depending on the package you choose.

The Mecca of ski touring in winter, Mike Wiegele’s is also open throughout the summer offering luxury accommodations in handcrafted log cabins and specially chartered heli-hiking, and heli-fishing excursions.

River & Jeep Safari Eco Tour

Skim the jade-coloured surface of the Mud River, right through bear country, aboard a high-powered jet boat on an eco-tour of discovery, searching for resident black bear, moose, eagles and osprey. Feel goose bumps blanket your arms when you first sight a mighty bruin. Hold your breath watching it lumber the forested shoreline mere metres away, feeding on grasses and berries. Scramble to capture as many shots as you can before it retreats into the forest. Marvel at moose from the safety and seat of your tour boat. Explore the blueberry lined trail leading to Parberry Falls, feeling its spray as it cascades through the temperate inland rainforest.

Up-close wildlife encounters are well within your reach, just minutes from Blue River. Embark on a guided River Safari wilderness jet-boating tour, scouting out adventures that will leave you spellbound, breathless and hungry for more.

If you’d rather go off-road than be on the river, explore Blue River by guided jeep tour. Learn about the unique eco system and abundant bear habitat of the North Thompson Valley. Taste the same seasonal berries the bears feed on. Bump and jostle over backcountry roads, experiencing an off-road adventure, magical views of the lakes and valleys below, and, if you’re lucky, spotting a bear or two.

Guided Alpine Hiking & Skiing with Snowy Mountain Alpine

Discover alpine meadows blooming in a riot of colour. Hike in step with the call of a pika. Hope for a rare glimpse of the mountain caribou. Explore craggy rock faces and glimmering mountain lakes. Feast your eyes on mountaintops that stretch all around you, then feast your belly on gourmet meals, prepared just for you. Take a guided hiking expedition and you’ll discover one of the best ways to experience Blue River is from high in the mountains.

Snowy Mountain Alpine Tours offers multi-day guided treks in summer and backcountry ski touring expeditions in winter. Don’t have multiple days to explore the alpine? That’s okay, the wilderness guides at Snowy Mountain are happy to customize a full- or half-day hike just for you.

Snowmobile Touring with Blue River Sledz

Step into your boots. Strap on your helmet. Pilot your own snow machine. Play “follow the leader” through wilderness trails and backcountry bowls, glimmering in fresh fallen snow, exploring Blue River on a guided snowmobile safari with Blue River Sledz. With more than 10m (32 ft) of dry, powder snow each year, novice or expert riders will find plenty trails to explore in Blue River, one of BC’s premier spots for sledding.

You decide just which adventure you’re up for and suit up for the ride of your life. Follow your guide through avalanche-free trails on a family-friendly ride in the mountains. Make fresh lines in the snow sledboarding the open alpine. Or, wind your way through the snow-capped forest, into the steep and deep stuff, cruising through alpine bowls and along mountain peaks on a full-day, adrenaline-fuelled ride.

When to Go

Need to Know

  • Backcountry skiing/boarding is suited for intermediate and advance level skiers
  • Mike Wiegele offers holiday kids camps at Christmas and in spring – bring the whole family along for the adventure
  • Powder-specific ski/boarding equipment is provided only by Mike Wiegele
  • No previous experience is necessary to snowmobile or sledboard in Blue River
  • No previous hiking experience is necessary for backcountry hiking, however, you must be able to hike for at least four consecutive hours, carrying your own pack
  • All tours take place in a wilderness environment where there are no cell phone or internet connections
  • Prepare for mosquitoes in summer – bring repellent and light-weight, long-sleeved clothing and netting for protection
  • Prepare for extremely cold conditions for all winter excursions. Pack and dress accordingly

Top 10 Tour Experiences

  1. Experience epic adventures heli- and CAT-skiing (Play/Skiing) or snowboarding 1.2 million acres of backcountry bowls, high alpine glaciers and forested glades, in the world’s best powder
  2. Explore Bear, moose, eagle and osprey habitat from the seat of a guided River or Jeep Safari (
  3. Thrills and chills can be yours on a guided Blue River Sledz ( snowmobile safari on groomed trails and backcountry meadows where the snow is steep and deep
  4. Hike (Play/Trails) alpine meadows on a multi-day wilderness hike, exploring mountainside meadows and hidden lakes high in the alpine
  5. Indulge in gourmet meals, prepared to your specific dietary needs, and share mealtime with newfound friends
  6. Capture captivating images of your wildlife encounters…bears, moose, eagles, osprey and more
  7. Soar above thousands of mountain peaks in a helicopter, selecting just the right spot to touch down and explore
  8. Learn about the unique eco system and wildlife habitat, hiking through the mountains
  9. Follow your guide down mountain slopes previously touched by no one
  10. Catch a rare glimpse (and photograph too) of the elusive mountain caribou, on a guided hiking expedition