The Ultimate Game of Hide & Go Seek

Get beyond the beaten path. Meet new people. Find hidden treasure in unexpected places. Decode a clue. Solve a mystery. Swap out newfound treasure for another, and then track it as it travels around the world. Find ancient pictographs of the Simpcw First Nation and relics of local history one cache at a time. Experience geocaching, the ultimate game of hide and go seek, and uncover a whole different side of Blue River.

Clue in to the Cache

Travelers around the world geocache; connecting to communities one natural, and cultural attraction at a time. Explore Blue River and Avola while uncovering interesting artifacts and little-known tidbits about our communities. Treasures are hidden right in plain sight, leading you to some of our most notable locales. Explore, just barely out of the way locations, and you could uncover evidence of the Simpcw First Nation’s pictographs, or “the bridge to nowhere” or a secret waterfall, just out of view from almost everyone else traveling the same route.

GPS coordinates and clever clues will lead you to the vicinity of the cache, but it’s up to you to use your powers of detection, to ultimately find the booty tucked beneath a tree, behind a rock, covered in moss, sitting on a quiet lake’s shores, or anywhere else it may be.

Take One, Leave One

There’s no telling the kinds of trinkets you’ll find geocaching around Blue River or Avola. Small tokens, local pins, or tracking coins are all secreted away around here. Swap them out for your own, log your visit and record your success on-line before moving on to the next one. Half the fun of finding a cache is watching your tokens travel the world with international visitors who picked up what you left behind.

When to Go

  • Geocaching can be done almost anytime, but our caches are best uncovered in spring, summer and fall, when snow pack doesn’t impede your ability to find the secret goods

Need to Know

  • Plan your route, then download a complete list of geocache sites you can search for along the way
  • Geocaching is for everyone. Cache coordinates indicate the degree of difficulty in finding the stash, all you need is a keen sense of adventure and sharp detective skills
  • Each cache will contain a note from the keeper, explaining the historical, cultural or other significant details about the cache
  • Geocaching is a great way to bond with the entire family making travel by car an interactive experience

Top 10 Reasons to Give Geocaching a Try

  1. You can combine geocaching with other activities. Hiking, (Play/Hiking) driving, paddling a canoe (Play/Murtle Lake) – you just never know where caches are hidden
  2. Discover unique out-of-the-way places you might otherwise have missed
  3. It’s a great way to be part of a community. There are 5 million registered users of ( from all around the world
  4. It’s both challenging and rewarding. Nothing quite beats the surge of pleasure you’ll feel when you finally spot a hidden cache
  5. Some cache clues require puzzle-solving skills, making geocaching a great workout for your brain
  6. It’s a great excuse to get some exercise
  7. Geocaching gets you off the couch/out of the car/into nature
  8. It’s a great family activity
  9. Even those with limited ability can geocache – just check the cache clues for degree of difficulty
  10. Finding a cache is a virtually free recreational activity