Explore Blue River (population 283) – midway between Vancouver, BC and Edmonton, AB – a welcome rest stop on your journey. Fuel up. Gather provisions. Rest up for a night, or even longer. Located 229 km (139 mi) north of Kamloops, Blue River is home to legendary Mike Wiegele Heli-skiing and some of the best powder snow to be found in North America. A prime spot for heli-skiing and snowmobiling in winter, in summer, you can play in our backyard, hiking, and mountain biking, fishing, exploring the wilderness on a River Safari or camping at Murtle Lake, the largest canoe-only lake in North America.

There are eight places to stay in Blue River including hotels, motels, RV resorts and locally owned B&Bs.

Medical facilities include a medical clinic servicing the surrounding area. Emergency services include a fire department and search and rescue operation. A satellite veterinary clinic operates in Valemount (one hour north of Blue River) on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Kamloops, 229 km (139 mi) south, has a variety of vets available to handle pet emergencies.