Follow the Yellowhead Highway (BC Highway 5) and the North Thompson River as it winds its way north from Kamloops, the Okanagan’s second largest city (and the closest to Blue River), and you’ll eventually travel through our area, beginning with the hamlet of Avola, then on to the village of Blue River and further west to the eastern gate of Wells Gray Provincial Park and Murtle Lake. Blue River is two and a half hours from both Kamloops, BC and Jasper, AB.

Wells Gray Provincial Park

Blue River is the eastern gateway to the wilds of Wells Gray Provincial Park and Murtle Lake, the largest canoe-only lake in North America.Bounded by ancient lava beds, Wells Gray is...

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Blue River

Explore Blue River (population 283) – midway between Vancouver, BC and Edmonton, AB – a welcome rest stop on your journey. Fuel up. Gather provisions. Rest up for a night,...

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The hamlet of Avola is 40 km (25 mi) south of Blue River on the shores of the North Thompson River. With roots firmly planted in forestry, Avola is home...

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