You like to blend in like a local on vacation. You’re happiest when getting away from it all, becoming immersed in the culture, history and lifestyle of the places you vacation. You’re spontaneous, and you want to experience it all…from historic sites to modern culture. For you travel is all about leaving your everyday world behind, and skipping the tourist route. Instead, you’re looking for offbeat adventures, to better understand just how locals live.

You’re always excited about your next trip, and, for you, travel is all about the journey, not just the destination. Blue River, the midway point between Vancouver and Edmonton is an ideal rest stop for any journey in the North Thompson Valley. Hidden gems can be found around every corning here, in the Jewel of the Yellowhead. Here are a few ways you might enjoy exploring Blue River and Avola:

  • Find ancient pictographs of the Simpcw First Nation and relics of local history geocaching (Play/Geocaching) between Blue River and Avola, playing the ultimate game of hide and go seek

  • Paddle Mud Lake ( delta to Parberry Falls, beneath soaring mountains and distant glaciers. (Blue River Campground (Play/Camping) will rent you a canoe!)

  • Embrace winter’s chill, cross-country skiing (Play/Skiing) Eleanor Lake and Blue River Pine Provincial Park

  • Angle (Play/Rivers & Lakes) for salmon at Finn Creek in Avola, a traditional fishing ground for Simpcw First Nation

  • Check out the local sledding scene (Play/Snowmobiling) at the Holy Smoke Inn, the Glacier Mountain Lodge, Blue River Motel, or at Bone Creek Wilderness Retreat (Stay).

  • Chat up resident and visiting riders while out on the trail, or stop in for a visit at our Legion to get a local’s perspective on your exploits in the alpine

  • Amble the Red Sands Road or the Green Mile, picking blueberries and huckleberries in season

  • Sample the “mother of all burgers” at the Log Inn Pub (Dining) in Avola