You are an understated traveller. Travel is only one of your interests in life, but that’s not to say you don’t appreciate a good vacation! You’re naturally drawn to beautiful landscapes and love getting to know the locals while you vacation. You generally don’t like to plan too far in advance, instead, you like to go with the flow, allowing your days to unwind as they will, checking out attractions and events you encounter along the way.

Experience Blue River and Avola – where plenty of wide, open, spaces lead to one staggering vista after another. Wilderness adventures are around every bend or mountain peak. The midway point between Vancouver and Edmonton, Blue River is the jewel of the Yellowhead Highway with plenty of gems to uncover.

Delve into a mountain worth of outdoor adventures:

  • Hike through a kaleidoscope of colour in the Wavy Range’s wildflower meadows
  • Explore Murtle Lake the only way you can…by kayak or canoe
  • Pitch your tent on Murtle Lake’s sandy shores, wilderness camping beneath fjord-like mountains or at the Blue River Campground, where other campers come from around the world
  • Search for bears aboard a River Safari eco tour
  • Discover pristine landscapes on a backcountry sledding adventure
  • Dance the night away with your best guy or gal at any of six community dances
  • Pack a picnic lunch from Janie’s General Store and spend your day mountain biking or hiking our trails
  • Stop in for a pint at our local Legion, the only watering hole in town
  • Wind down the day in the glow of a roaring campfire