Experience Blue River and Avola your way – take the Explorer Quotient® (EQ) Traveller Quiz!

Does the idea of a getaway full of thrills most others may never experience get you excited for your vacation? Do you love to plan your holiday in advance, creating a “must do” list to sample from? Or do you prefer to get insights from the folks who know your destination best (the locals)? Do you like to delve right into the local scene, whatever that may be? Or, is your idea of a great holiday a quick getaway, to connect with friends or family (or both)?

Everyone has a unique approach to how we like to travel…some like to plan in advance, drink in all the sights and check everything off their Top 10 lists. Others just like to go with the flow, letting each day unfold naturally. Still, others prefer to jump right into the local scene with both feet. No matter which type you may be, you can take some of the guesswork out of how you would like to experience Blue River and Avola, by letting locals provide suggestions tailored to your travel preferences --- so you can enjoy Blue River and Avola your way.

If you’re curious to know your personal EQ Explorer type, take the simple EQ® Traveller Quiz then, unlock the key to a suggested experience tailored specifically to your traveller profile.




Free Spirit

You love a good time, and for you, travel (like life) is all about experiencing one adventure after another. You look at life as one big buffet and the more...

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Cultural Explorer

You like to blend in like a local on vacation. You’re happiest when getting away from it all, becoming immersed in the culture, history and lifestyle of the places you...

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Authentic Experiencer

You are an understated traveller. Travel is only one of your interests in life, but that’s not to say you don’t appreciate a good vacation! You’re naturally drawn to beautiful...

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