Get Your Fill of Outdoor Adventure

Craving outdoor adventure? Get your fill in Blue River each summer. With long, unhurried days and mountains of possibilities, there are plenty of outdoor adventures to be had here. Whether you make it your vacation destination or a one-night stop en route between Vancouver and Edmonton, leave plenty of space in your agenda – there’s more to do in Blue River than you might see at first glance.

River Safari Eco Tour

Up-close wildlife encounters are well within your reach, just minutes from Blue River. Embark on a guided River Safari wilderness jet boating or jeep tour, scouting out adventures that will leave you spellbound, breathless and hungry for more. Relax and enjoy the ride, drifting in the current of Mud Lake, watching carefully for your own wildlife encounter.

Explore our Trails

Blue River is fringed with hundreds of kilometres of Forestry Service Roads providing plenty of access to the backcountry for days full of excitement. Hardcore mountaineers and families with small children can find the trail just right for them, just off the beaten path in Blue River. Choose which way you’ll play on our trails – hiking, mountain biking, or riding your ATV, and then prepare to be wowed.

Explore our Mountains

Discover alpine meadows blooming in a riot of colour. Hike in step with the call of a pika. Hope for a rare glimpse of the mountain caribou. Explore craggy rock faces and glimmering mountain lakes. Inhale the heady scent of cedar and spruce, drink in the mountaintops that stretch all around you, then feast your belly on gourmet meals, prepared just for you. Take a multi- or single day guided hiking expedition, and you’ll discover one of the best ways to experience Blue River is from high in the mountains.

Explore our Rivers & Lakes

Angle for adventure. Drop your line in our lakes and rivers where both fishing and wildlife are the star of the show. Savour serenity. Paddle a canoe through Murtle Lake’s raw, rugged wilderness, fishing for Kokanee and legendary sized Rainbow trout. Spread your beach towel at Eleanor Lake’s broad, sandy beach and soak up some sun on a hot summer afternoon. Angle the Blue, Mud, and North Thompson Rivers where something’s sure to bite. Jet boat touring, canoeing, kayaking, or fishing from their shores, our legendary rivers and lakes take you through the heart of our watery wilds.


Whether it’s roughing it, backcountry camping around Murtle Lake, or camping in one of our RV Parks, Blue River is all about classic, Canadian camping in summer. Pitch you tent, or park your RV. Connect with friends and family while making camp and stoking your campfire. Roast marshmallows on a stick. Meet other campers from around the world. Share your stories and compare your experiences. Stay up past your usual bedtime. Fall asleep under the stars with the distant call of a train whistle in your ears. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner over a picnic table and discover how camping can make you appreciate the good things in life.

Geocache Blue River and Beyond

Get beyond the beaten path. Meet new people. Find hidden treasure in unexpected places. Decode a clue and solve a mystery. Swap out newfound treasure for another, and then track it as it travels around the world. Play the ultimate game of hide and go seek, geocaching in Blue River and Avola, uncovering interesting artefacts and little-known tidbits about our communities, connecting with others who’ve travelled this same route.

Mountain Biking

Use Blue River as your base for mountain biking adventures that will have you twisting and turning from the alpine to the lush valley floor. The Green Mile, Chef’s Mile or any of our Forestry Service Roads provide plenty of knobby-tire thrills and a workout for your legs, through a fragrant and lush interior rainforest of cedar and spruce. While mountain biking is popular here, our trails can be challenging to find. Ask any of the locals you’ll meet around town, or stop in at the Blue River Campground for a trail map and directions to a ride best suited for you.

Wildlife Encounters

Up-close wildlife encounters are well within your reach in Blue River. Sitting on the edge of an untamed mountain wilderness in the Monashee and Cariboo Mountains it’s not unusual to get goosebumped gazing at bears and their young playing and grazing just metres away. Be mesmerized watching eagles and osprey conduct aerial acrobatics, against a glacier backdrop. Spot massive moose roaming Mud or Murtle Lake’s lush, marshy meadows. Embark on a guided River Safari in the heart of bear country. Land trophy-size Rainbows and fresh water salmon. Sled past Groundhog Mountain’s caribou habitat, leaving nothing but tracks in your wake. Bring your binoculars and your camera, to witness the kind of wildlife most people will only ever see on TV.

When to Go

  • Summer extends from mid-April to the end of October
  • Murtle Lake is open for camping mid-May to the end of September
  • River Safaris jet-boat and jeep tours run every hour daily from mid-May to Oct. 1
  • Mountain bike trails are ready for riding from June until the end of October

Need to Know

  • One hour River Safari jet-boat wildlife excursions depart every half-hour from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily
  • You can rent kayaks, canoes from Murtle Canoes
  • Gear carts are available at the Murtle Lake parking lot to help you portage to the put-in point
  • Canoes and wheels can be rented through Blue River Campground
  • Rent complete fishing gear from Blue River Campground
  • Fresh-water fishing is regulated in BC and fishing licenses are required
  • No previous hiking experience is necessary for guided backcountry hiking tours, however, you must be able to hike for at least four consecutive hours, carrying your own pack
  • All tours take place in a wilderness environment where there are no cell phone or internet connections
  • Prepare for mosquitoes in summer – bring repellent and light-weight, long-sleeved clothing and netting for protection
  • To avoid disappointment, reserve your campsite in advance

Top 10 Summer Experiences

  1. Explore Bear, moose, eagle and osprey habitat from the seat of a guided River Safari (Play/Tours)
  2. Hike alpine meadows (Play/Hiking), on a guided multi-day wilderness hike, exploring mountainside meadows and hidden lakes high in the alpine
  3. Paddle your kayak or canoe where there are no roads and just as few people at Murtle Lake (Play/Murtle Lake)
  4. Work on your tan, enjoy a picnic or a pleasure paddle, canoeing Eleanor Lake, the heart of Blue River
  5. Angle for Rainbow and lake trout, Kokaknee, and Dolly Varden – fly fishing or trolling our rivers and lakes
  6. Combine geo caching with other activities. Hiking, (Play/Hiking) driving, paddling (Play/Murtle Lake) – you just never know where caches are hidden
  7. Mountain bike the Green Mile and Chefs Mile (map), a 14-km (9 mi) loop of fast and flowing sections with 220m (722 ft) of vertical climbing
  8. ATV any of the trails on Groundhog Mountain (map) – at 6,500 ft (1982 m) elevation, this is easy riding, Blue River style
  9. Amble the Red Sands Road or the Green Mile, picking blueberries, huckleberries, and mushrooms in season
  10. Capture captivating images of your wildlife encounters…bears, moose, eagles, Great Blue Herons, and more, in our vast wilderness reserves